Children’s therapy in Johns Creek GA

Children’s ADD/ADHD Therapy in Johns Creek GA

Kidz Therapy Network services Johns Creek, GA.  We are an established therapy center that offers behavioral support for young children with neurological delays such as ADD, ADHD, Autism and more. We teach in the classroom, residential and office settings to ensure that the results are exceptional. In cooperation with school districts and various family members, we are capable of performing extensive consultations, teacher or parent training and support. Here is a list of some of the services you can expect to receive from Kidz Therapy Network in Johns Creek, GA.

Functional assessment interview – this service encompasses several things including elaborate interviews with parents to get a general overview of the situation. Expert staff take notes while carefully observing the child’s behavior in an office setting. The use of behavior instruments to determine antecedents is also carried out. After this initial phase a report is compiled giving a way forward with regards to the results that were noted.

Functional behavioral assessment – this is often carried out in the natural environment or residential home of the child. The items situated within the home and the types of relationships in existence are taken into consideration because they may be having an impact on the child’s behavior. After careful observation an expert compiles a report complete with recommendations for the child’s needs and those of the environment. Observation may be done on a live basis or through recorded sessions. Some of the things that take place during this stage include:

  1. Data analysis
  2. Formulation of a support plan
  3. Material development
  4. Training of caregivers or parents

Abbreviated functional analysis

This basically refers to a technique that was developed by Dr. Brian Iwata. The technique examines the functional relationship between self-injury and select environmental events. At this stage data is collected in 4 distinct conditions including Demand, Play, Attention and Alone. This work is done in an office setting with two clinicians observing the child through a one way mirror. The two clinicians have different duties with the first one responsible for setting up the said conditions while the other one takes note of any issues that arise. The results give an overview of some of the social and physical features that may be responsible for maintaining, reducing or eradicating self-injury.


After initial analysis and examinations have been carried out and a child is diagnosed with learning disabilities or developmental delays behavior-based motivational strategies are formulated to remedy the situation. The development of a behavior plan for the child leads to various processes that may include:

  1. Direct therapy services in the office setting
  2. Observation and data compilation
  3. Task analysis
  4. Use of motivational systems
  5. Creation of activity schedules
  6. Facilitated communications
  7. The use of picture boards
  8. Materials development for enhanced support
  9. Caregiver training which may involve parents and teachers
  10. Classroom support

Children that are diagnosed with behavioral complications may receive Applied Behavior Analysis therapy if so recommended by Kidz Therapy Netowrk Johns Creek, GA clinicians. This therapy has been tried and tested to ascertain that it offers genuine results when implemented under the right circumstances. The treatment technique stresses the use of functional skills that are important in daily living. The technique capitalizes on the use of reinforcement in artificial and natural environments as a way of imparting new skills. The skills may either be simple or complex depending on the particular patient’s needs.

Get in touch with Kidz Therapy Network Johns Creek in GA for more information on how to assist your child or teen with therapy. There are a number of programs that are geared towards enhancing your child’s development while giving you the peace of mind to engage in other productive activities.