Kids ADD/ADHD Therapy in Suwanee GA

Kids Therapy Suwanee For Effective Holistic Management Of Children/Young Adults With Autism

Raising a child with autism can be challenging but with the assistance of specialized therapy programs, a child with this diagnosis can thrive, perform better in school and interact positively with friends, family members and the home environment.

We at “Kidz Therapy Networks”, specialize in helping kids with autism overcome social interaction and communication barriers, so they can develop positive relationships with family members, and know how to interact with the outside environment and adjust to changes in their environments with positive coping mechanisms.

Therapeutic Services Provided by Kidz, ADD/ADHD Suwanee or Kids Therapy Suwanee


Services for kids with autism include an evaluation, and an intervention plan with the measurements of expected outcomes. The program includes the participation of family members, caregivers, teachers and other supporters, in order to give a full understanding of the daily life and interactions of the child or young adult with a diagnosis of autism. The program focuses on personal development, and improvement of the quality of life and determination of the needs of family and loved ones and how they can be met.


Evaluation Process 

The evaluation process is done to gain an understanding of the individual, kids strengths, weaknesses and the challenges kids face as kids perform daily activities. How the intervention process is structured is based on the results of the evaluation to maximize the programs that will assist the individual as kids participate in activities at home, at school or at work.


Progress Goals 

Goals of progress include improved performance of tasks, improved participation and satisfaction in  participation in daily activities and social interactions, improvements in health and wellness, improved communication skills, successful transitions in home, work and school situations. These benchmarks can be used by family members as well to determine improvements and to know if there is a need to refocus priorities when needed.


Occupational Therapy assists children and young adults with autism to adjust to situations and changing environments in ways that match their abilities and skills. This may include minimizing external distractions to enhance focus in a single activity. Help findingappropriate software to aid in communication and creating skills required to complete specific tasks.


Support for Families 

Occupational therapy programs support families that have a child or young adult with autism, by making recommendations that are helpful without necessarily requiring more work. We assist family members in identifying their own strengths and improving existing skill sets that can help them improve communication and foster a better quality of life for the family with an autistic member and the rest of the members of the family as a whole.


Families with children with autism have their hands full and it is not surprising that a lot of family activities and schedules revolve around the needs of the child. Most parents already have too much anxiety about whether or not they are dealing with their child in the best way they can. We assist in helping both the family and child with autism as well as loved ones to enhance their communication, management and adaptive skills and to improve and enrich the lives of everyone involved.


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